Anti Algen lamellen

New: the SWIM SAFE anti-algae lamella

antialglamel The new anti-algae lamella by SWIM SAFE is a perfect combination of the best features.

Made of the hard and unique polycarbonate with a solar profile.

The black hook provides a shield from the sun so that the growth of algae is reduced to a minimum.

In addition, the anti-algae lamella is no less than 83 mm wide, has larger and higher air compartments and 90º rotation.

Not only are the wide anti-algae lamellae aesthetically more attractive due to the almost flat coverage with fewer seams, they also ensure a higher insulation capacity and heat yield.

A positive side-effect of the SWIM SAFE lamellae covering is a clear saving on expensive chemicals, which is the result of less evaporation of the swimming pool water and of reduced growth of algae.


Clean pool water

schoon zwembad water SWIM SAFE lamellae enable you to enjoy pure and clean water in your swimming pool!