SWIM SAFE lamellae are energy-saving

pasvormDue to the perfect fit of the SWIM SAFE lamella covering, your swimming pool is better insulated. As a result, you lose substantially less energy!

This energy-saving can even amount to as much as 80%.

This means that, when a SWIM SAFE swimming pool covering is used, the swimming pool water will have a pleasant temperature with reduced energy use.

The lamellae have an insulating effect so that the warmth of your swimming pool water is retained.

Solar lamellae

solarlamelSolar lamellae have a black underside.

These energy-saving lamellae catch the sunshine and transfer the warmth to the pool water.

The use of SWIM SAFE Solar lamellae substantially reduces the energy costs for heating the water due to the fact that the sun heats up the water for free.




Energy use with or without lamellae