SWIM SAFE Lamellae

There are all sizes and kinds of lamellae. SWIM SAFE uses only first-class products!

Our lamellae have graced many swimming pools since 1963, and have proven themselves over and over again.

We make the lamellae manually, geared to the shape of your swimming pool.

To do so, we saw the polycarbonate lamellae to size, fit them with attractively designed end caps in the desired colour, and seal them off manually with silicone.

Perfection in flawlessness and aesthetics!

Lamellae by SWIM SAFE are simply secure, durable and comfortable.

In short, just as you would wish!

Below, the film shows SWIM SAFE Polycarbonate lamellae that have been installed in an overflow pool with a stainless-steel bench with frontal screening produced by SWIM SAFE.