All the covers for your pool

SwimSafe pool covers come in various types of slats and profiles, all made of the finest high-quality materials. One of the beneficial side-effects of our cover systems is that they provide a considerable saving on expensive chemicals, as they diminish the evaporation of your pool water.


SwimSafe has 2 types of plastics – PVC (Polyvinylchloride) and PC (Polycarbonate) and the most complex are the PC – (TRI) – extrusion profiles. Choosing the right slats for your pool depends on many numbers of factors. These factors are the location of the pool indoor or outdoor in the sun or shade. Is the cover only for insulating or also heating your pool, taste and budget, design of your garden or house are also important decision factors.

Click here for a comparison between Polycarbonate (PC) and PVC

Environmentally friendly

The perfect fit of the Swim Safe slat cover provides superior insulation of your swimming pool. As a result, temperature loss is reduced by up to 80%, and so is water evaporation. Our cover systems save energy and, therefore, money! In addition, our solar slats even heat the pool water at no extra cost, which makes your savings even greater! And, last but not least, as our systems decrease the use of chemicals and energy, they contribute to the urgent need to reduce the emission of CO2 and the protection of the environment.


The Swim Safe Solar covers fully meet all criteria of the class A certification according to the new standard DIN EN 17645.


Anti algae

Some of our slats have an anti-algae profile. The black ‘hook’ construction keeps sunlight out so that algae growth is kept to a minimum.


For our pool covers we use two different materials: PVC and polycarbonate.


Polycarbonate (PC) has a number of advantages over PVC:

  • better mechanical properties, greater resistance to hail
  • greater transparency
  • greater resistance to temperature changes, which prevents the slats to lose their shape
  • extremely impact-resistant

Custom-made Solutions

We make our Swim Safe slat covers entirely by hand to fit the shape of your pool as closely as possible, with neat, tight rounding and perfect workmanship. We will find a solution for every swimming pool. All you need to do is choose the colour of your slats, end caps and sealant from our range of available colours.