Homemade systems for your pool covers

Swim Safe provides suitable solutions for any swimming pool, new as well as existing ones, in which the choice of the driving system plays a major role. To suit any need, we have three different driving motors: underwater, above-ground or built in a well.

Underwater Systems

For our underwater systems we use fully waterproof motors. Motor, tubing and suspension are made of high-quality stainless steel, which will last trouble-free in your pool for many years. These motors are available in two power versions: 180 Nm and 450 Nm.

In an underwater system, both drive and cover can be built in virtually invisible in the pool wall in several ways. From an aesthetical point of view, this is usually the preferred solution.


The underwater systems can be used also in thin wall, Stainless steel pools and in Styrofoam pools.

Aboveground Systems

In order to be able to offer a suitable solution for all situations, we have developed four different systems for above-ground installation: the Retro Easy, the Retro Top, Retro Wood and the Retro Winch. All four contain stainless steel components in high quality DIN 316L for maximum durability and optimum user pleasure. The other parts of the Retro Top are available in various RAL colours. The Easy and the Top, Wood are powered by our Retro motors. The Retro winch is a manual system.